Oldham bus firm first to be fined for pension law breach

A bus company has become the first UK firm to be sentenced for failing to enrol staff on a pension scheme.

Stotts Tours of Oldham, Greater Manchester, should have begun pension contributions for staff from 2015, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) said.

The firm and its managing director Alan Stott previously admitted wilful failure to comply with pensions law.
They were ordered to pay more than £39,000 at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

District Judge Teresa Szagun said: “Initially Mr Stott’s attitude was to bury his head in the sand. This later left him in a position where he was out of his depth.”

The fines and court costs come on top of £14,400 in civil fines already owed for failing to comply with the law on automatic pension enrolment.

Stotts Tours must also pay an estimated £10,000 in backdated pension contributions for its staff, as well as ongoing contributions. Continue reading “Oldham bus firm first to be fined for pension law breach”