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Tax returns: HMRC warning to 300,000 late filers

About 300,000 people who have failed to send in their tax returns for 2010-11 may have their goods seized.

The UK tax body is sending warning letters to those who have now run up late-filing penalties of £1,300 for that year, under self-assessment.

They can still pay, or ask for the penalty to be taken off their income in 2013-14 if they are in the PAYE system.
The letters are part of a continuing campaign against a persistent minority of non-filers.

A spokesman for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) said the defaulters could still pay their fines, and submit the late tax returns. Continue reading “Tax returns: HMRC warning to 300,000 late filers”

Tax return deadline warning from HMRC

Taxpayers who have missed tax returns from years past must admit to their absence on Tuesday or face larger fines, the UK tax authority has warned.

After 2 October, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will use its legal powers to pursue those who have failed to submit self-assessment forms and have tax payments outstanding. Letters have been sent to those who have gaps in their returns records. The Tax Return Initiative is aimed primarily at higher-rate taxpayers. Fines will be reduced if taxpayers come forward with details by the end of Tuesday. Continue reading “Tax return deadline warning from HMRC”